Audreys Rosario

Big Lux Entertainment Artists

Discover Audreys Rosario, a dynamic violinist and violist based in Providence, Rhode Island. Renowned for her innovative fusion of classical string instruments with contemporary music genres, Audreys seamlessly blends the traditional sounds of violin and viola with the energetic rhythms of hip hop, rap, and trap.

Miles Leon

Miles Leon, based in Providence, Rhode Island, is a celebrated saxophonist known for his electrifying performances across smooth jazz, hip-hop, and funk genres. With a master's degree from William Patterson University, Miles infuses every event with unforgettable musical experiences. Ideal for any venue seeking a charismatic and versatile saxophonist.

J. Martelé

J. Martelé is a distinguished musician celebrated for her proficiency across multiple genres including Latin, classical, hip hop, jazz, and pop. Her diverse capabilities allow her to tailor her performances to the specific tastes of any audience, ensuring a captivating and personalized musical experience.

Tyler Seton

Tyler Seton channels hope and emotion into his large variety of music genres. Overcoming addiction and rich in travel experiences, his debut album "Who I Am" and singles like "Floating Fleeting" showcase his adaptability. Tyler blends jazzy and funky elements into his heartfelt vocal and guitar performances, often collaborating with fellow musicians for a truly authentic sound.

Maggie Welch

Based in Boston and studying at Berklee College of Music, Maggie Welch is a singer with a profound dedication to music therapy and songwriting. With a heartfelt belief in music's therapeutic powers, Maggie uses her songwriting skills to navigate and express complex emotions and her performances to connect and share joy with others.

Kito Rodriguez

Kito Rodriguez, a talented and energetic musician from Eastern Connecticut, is known for creating unforgettable entertainment experiences all over the world. Whether he's playing solo gigs as a guitarist and singer or working his magic in sound engineering, Kito's passion for music shines through. He's also a fantastic bass player, adding even more depth to his skill set.